About bnatural


bnatural is located in the beautiful coastal city of Adelaide in South Australia.

Established in 1994 by its founder Brian Killian, bnatural has grown with Brian as his experience and knowledge of the human body has developed.

Initially, Brian began his career as a Fitness Trainer, long before the boom of Personal Training took hold in Australia. With Adelaide offering the perfect climate for training outdoors, and consistent with Brian’s approach to functional fitness, Brian ditched the gyms and took his clients outdoors to train. With years of his own training experience as a professional athlete, and his effort to add variety and fun to exercise, Brian is well known for his non-conventional, but highly effective fitness programming.

Keen to learn new skills and offer greater, Brian undertook studies and added Sport & Remedial Massage to the services of bnatural. Consulting first in a spare room from his home, it appeared Brian found his niche with Massage and quickly demand grew. As a result he established his present clinic in North Adelaide, and is fortunate to be in high demand for his skill in this modality.

Always wanting to further his knowledge, and offer his clients more educated care, Brian went ‘back to school’ for 3 years and became a nationally accredited Naturopath. Brian was now unique in the health industry, being the only health professional to hold accreditation as a Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist and Naturopath. Our business name – bnatural – couldn’t be better suited to us as we believes the closer you live in accordance with natural law, the greater level of health you will enjoy.

The bnatural Logo

bnatural rings logo

The three rings of bnatural represent the dependence and interdependence in perfect health of the three aspects of self.

  • Our Physical Self (body),
  • Mental Self (mind), and
  • Our Spirit.

In Brian’s words, “You can’t have one without the other; all three influence each other. Each requires attention to flourish. One’s wellbeing, your level of health, is influenced by all three, weakness and strength in one, results in either weakening, or strengthening of the whole.”

bnatural is growing, and to be honest, we are not clear of where the future will take us. It is exciting for us. Our growth is evident with the launch of our new website, where Brian, in his blog, shares his insights on health, and how to get closer to achieving higher levels.

Brian and his team at bnatural welcome you.

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