Kids Boot Camp

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Are you sick of seeing your child in front of the TV or staring at whatever electronic device they can get their hands on?!

We are parents and we share your pain. Things have changed since we were kids. Kids don’t ride their bikes, walk freely around the neighbourhood – it is a little sad and not their fault.

At bnatural we want to help get kids moving, fit and happy!  So we’ve created a fun, everyone welcome fitness program just for kids …and it is outside!

Exercise is vital for a child’s mental and physical development and they require a minimum of one hour per day.

Our Kids Boot Camp is a group fitness training program for children that will…

  • improve your child’s physical strength and fitness,
  • help control their level of body fat and build stronger muscles and bones,
  • improve their confidence and self esteem,
  • teach them self defence skills,
  • improve their co-ordination and flexibility, and
  • provide stress relief – for you and your child.

All these benefits are provided at Kids Boot Camp in a safe, non-competitive, non-threatening and enjoyable outdoor environment. In addition, it will teach your child to care for their body from an early age, and the importance of doing so.

Our Kids Boot Camp is suited for all children, regardless of their natural sporting ability.

Groups are kept small so that all children are made to feel welcome and important.

All sessions run for 45 minutes.

Skills covered will include:

  • aerobic exercise,
  • strength work and conditioning,
  • flexibility and co-ordination,
  • Pilates and core strength exercise, and
  • basic self defence
  • and it will be FUN!

Get your child on the right track today!

What parents say about our Kids Boot Camp

‘My son Aiden has just finished his first term of Kids Boot Camp and he has loved it !! He is very keen to continue on as it has been a great chance to get out in the park and have fun and meet new friends ! As a parent I love our Saturday mornings heading to the park to do Boot Camp together and having fun ! I love looking over from my class (I do Fighting Fit) and seeing the huge smile on his face and the constant laughter !!  I have really found it sets him up for the day as after the class he is happy and full of life !! So much better than sitting at home watching TV or on an Ipad !!
So Thank You bnatural for offering a great class for kids !!!! ‘  Amanda Obst

Kids Boot Camp

When Ages 5 to 12

Term 2 2016 Saturday 21 May – Saturday 9th July

Saturday Start Time : 8.30 am End Time: 9.15 am

Term 2 is a 7 week Term

PLEASE NOTE: No sessions will be held on Saturday 11 June due to Public Holiday.

Where Our North Adelaide – Kids Boot Camp takes place in the beautiful Brougham Gardens at the corner of Brougham Place and O’Connell Street, North Adelaide.

What What you may need to bring with you:

  • a mat or towel,
  • a hat and sunscreen, and
  • a drink.

Fee Schedule

Term  Kids Boot Camp  $70 for 7 sessions

Casual $12 per session

Contact our Fitness Manager Leon to book your place »


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