bnatural Boot Camp

No Drill Sarge RequiredIf the idea of a Boot Camp conjures up scary images of being screamed at by an overzealous personal trainer dressed in fake military fatigues, we don’t blame you for wanting to run a mile.

I don’t want to join the Army, I just want to get in shape!

While we agree with you the commando style delivery is off, exercising Boot Camp style does produce some real benefits. So to avoid “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” we’ve taken the best of Boot Camp and juiced it up bnatural style.

We know what we’re doing

We should! For over 20 years we’ve been coaching people just like you and to be honest, if we don’t know what people want by now, we should pack up and find a new gig. Luckily we’ve been listening and the top three reasons why a person starts to exercise is…(drum roll please)

  • Get Fit
  • Lose Weight
  • Tone Up

So we have made sure a bnatural Boot Camp meets the brief.
When you commit we guarantee it.

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What to expect at a bnatural Boot Camp

bnatural Boot CampOK imagine for a moment you’re outside. The sun is warm but not hot on your skin, the smell of freshly cut grass is distinct and there’s a garden of striking roses just beginning to bloom. A lively buzz of conversation, laughter, smiling faces welcomes you as you tie your laces. A comfortable, easy vibe fills the air.

Training starts and you’re away. The next 50 minutes you are entertained and encouraged as Coach leads you through a challenging, fat burning, energy boosting collection of exercises.(many of which you’ve never done before) All the while you feed off the camaraderie of the Team enabling you to smash through old physical limits.

To round out the final 10 minutes of your session Coach leads you through our easy to follow Yoga inspired Cool Down. Feeling relaxed, feeling strong, feeling happy, session done. You grab your gear, content and proud before heading off for a well deserved coffee with your new friends.

At bnatural we leave no-one behind

First Session FreeEveryone is welcome at bnatural and our Boot Camp is for everybody. Big, small, fat, skinny, quiet, loud, black, white – any shape, size, sex, colour – if you want to train it is OUR pleasure to help you. At bnatural, ensuring our clients feel welcomed, important and safe is our number one priority. Our Coaches are professionals and specifically picked to ensure they possess genuine empathy and care for others. We work hard to create a friendly environment of acceptance and support. Remember everyone has a first time.

If you are still not sure whether a bnatural Boot Camp is for you, why not join us for a no-obligation free session!

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Important things you need to know

Boot Camp Program Structure

Most typically a Boot Camp runs for over 4 weeks with between 20 to 25 training sessions available (see “When we train” below). The number of sessions is dependent on the number of days per month.

All sessions run for 60 minutes; we start on time, we finish on time!

For best results we encourage you to train 3 x per week at session times convenient for you.

When we train

Sunrise Sessions Super Saturday
Tuesday 6:00 AM Saturday 7:15 AM
Thursday 6:00 AM

Where we train

We meet and train in the beautiful Brougham Gardens, North Adelaide. (toilets are available).

What you may need to bring with you

Not a lot besides your best effort 🙂
We will provide you with a comfy training mat but you may like to bring the following…

  • a towel,
  • a hat / sunscreen, and
  • a drink.

Ready to get started with Boot Camp?

We provide 2 options designed to provide flexibility in cost and convenience.

Full Boot Camp

This membership is best for newcomers and perfect for those wanting to kick-start their fitness and weight loss journey. A Full Boot Camp includes:

  • unlimited access to Boot Camp for one month,
  • bnatural training t-shirt,
  • comfy training mat, and
  • inner boxing gloves

All valued at $588 for only $230 plus GST.

Full Boot Camp – $230 plus GST

Buy now - Full Boot Camp

Casual Membership

This membership provides flexibility with when, and how often, you decide to train with us. No conditions, no expiry date, a Casual Membership works well for a person wanting to regularly train 1 or 2 times per week. It is a popular option for long term clients of Boot Camp.

10 Session Pass – $230 plus GST

Buy now - 10 Session Pass

20 Session Pass – $400 plus GST

Buy now - 20 Session Pass

Have some questions? How about a free session to get started?

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