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First of all, thank you for visiting bnatural and taking the time to get to know me. It is my pleasure to help people just like you live healthier and happier lives. My mission for bnatural has always been to connect people with more happiness and better health, and that has never been more truthful for me than it is today. Here’s why…

“Your son has cancer”

On the 7th of October 2014 the life of my family changed forever.
It was on this day our youngest son Harry, then just three years old, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Nothing has ever come close to the deep, inner pain I felt when the good doctor delivered the words any parent would dread – “I’m sorry but your son has cancer”.

The words hit me so hard it was almost unbearable. My heart broke, my stomach ached and the world around me slowed. My dear wife Sharon felt it too. On hearing Harry’s diagnosis she buckled over in pain, clutching at her abdomen as though she had received a powerful punch. Deep sorrow engulfed as she began to cry. Her hurt for her baby filled the room, and we all felt it.


Hope and Testing Times

I remember standing looking down at Harry on his hospital bed, my mind racing to comprehend his situation, clutching for sense, when the end of the doctor’s statement landed on me… “But, it is curable.” Hope is a powerful motivator and thankfully the doctor’s words of cure immediately focused my thoughts on a positive outcome for Harry and what influence I could play in ensuring it.

It came very clear to me the greatest support I could provide Harry was for me to be at my best. My family, including Harry, needed me to be strong in all aspects of health, physically, mentally and emotionally. I couldn’t let them down so my learned professional skills, techniques and knowledge were put to the ultimate test. Many times, the strain of Harry’s circumstances were close to overwhelming. Yet together with my wife Sharon, our daily practices of nutrition, visualisation, movement and rest stood up and gave us the opportunity to be at our best for Harry and family when needed the most.

Two Years On and Forever Grateful

At time of writing it has been two years since Harry’s diagnosis. My memories of watching our young son bravely endure 24 months of the “unpleasantries” of cancer treatment I wish for no one. Harry’s pain, his sadness, his fear cut deep into Sharon and I and has left an indelible mark.

Thankfully, I am pleased to announce Harry now 6, is in remission and prognosis of a full recovery is excellent. Sharon and I will be forever grateful to the expertise and care of the entire medical team at The Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide; the many support organisations, the love of our children, family and friends and to the countless strangers who reached out and offered their love to us. I have no doubt this enormous flow of energy has contributed powerfully and enormously to Harry’s recovery.

women and children's hospital - adelaide

What Harry Has Taught Me

I share this personal circumstance not for sympathy but to emphasise what I have learned from Harry having cancer. Several years prior to Harry’s diagnosis I wrote this simple Mission Statement for bnatural…

to connect people with better health and more happiness

When I first wrote these words they had meaning, however Harry’s crisis strengthened their importance yet challenged my beliefs on how to achieve them. Harry’s illness placed an enormous physical, mental and emotional stress on me, Sharon and all of my family.

My mission for bnatural to connect people with more happiness and better health has never been more truthful for me than now. Harry’s cancer allowed me to deeply connect with my purpose and test my skills and knowledge under extreme conditions. From this I’ve gained stronger belief in the healing power of nature and in the tools and techniques I have learned, taught and practiced over the last 20 years of bnatural.

All the best

Brian and Harry Killian

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