My mission for bnatural is simple is to ‘help people be happy and healthy’.

From its modest beginnings in our suburban backyard shed, to its growth into a local leader in health and fitness and now onto collaborating with world leaders in natural wellness, bnatural has stuck to its empowering mission.

Humble Beginnings

Brian Killian

In 1995, as a newly qualified Masseur Brian Killian began his professional career. Consulting from his 2 bedroom flat where he lived with his wife Sharon; it was humble beginnings. With their lounge room doubling as a waiting room, their converted garage as the treatment room and their kitchen as a dispensary; bnatural was born.

The early years of bnatural were not always smooth sailing. Wanting to add to his healing tool kit Brian undertook full-time study to become a Naturopath. In this time, Sharon was having babies, adding their two eldest children James and then Ella.

Money was tight, time was poor and at times stress levels were high, however it was an exciting time for bnatural. In the early years our community grew as did the services we offered with Naturopathic Medicine, Fitness Training and Massage Therapy being our core. Our passion for what we did was evident and allowed us to grow to become important contributors in our local health and fitness arena.

Slight Detour

Pursuing a boyhood dream, bnatural was put on hold in 2002 as Brian proudly became a full time Fire Fighter in the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service.

Enjoying the job, loving the lifestyle it appeared bnatural was a pleasurable but closed chapter in Brian and Sharon’s life. This all changed however when a roof collapse at a factory fire left Brian hospitalised. During recovery it became clear to Brian his career as a Fire Fighter was over. The dangers of the job were evident and the risk too high. bnatural was revived and thankfully a solid reputation allowed us to quickly return to be a local leader in health and fitness.

New SAMFS recruit Brian with his proud father

New SAMFS recruit Brian with his proud father.

bnatural and The Gabriel Method

Brian with Jon Gabriel at the Kiama retreat

Brian with Jon Gabriel at the Kiama retreat.

After reading The Gabriel Method and strongly connecting to its message, Brian took a chance and made contact with the author.  A prompt and somewhat unexpected personal reply from Jon Gabriel was the beginning of a strong relationship between Brian, bnatural and The Gabriel Method.

Since becoming Jon’s first accredited Gabriel Method Coach, Brian has helped thousands of people all over the world use The Gabriel Method to lose weight and transform their lives.

The Gabriel Method is the revolutionary DIET-FREE way to lose weight. Jon Gabriel lost over 103 kilos without dieting or surgery and his body shows almost no sign of ever having been morbidly obese.

Brian joins the cause with Food Matters

On the success of their documentaries Food Matters and Hungry for Change, Food Matters has grown to become a leading force in the promotion of natural wellness reaching a global community of over 3 million.

Wanting to expand their influence Food Matters made the natural progression into providing health coaching to their audience. As a naturopath and experienced online health coach with the Gabriel Method Brian was a perfect fit for them.

Brian’s role at Food Matters allows him to provide natural healing solutions to a large audience and continue promoting his and bnatural’s mission of connecting people to better health and greater happiness.

The future of bnatural

Brian and Sharon added to their family with a son Harry, and bnatural stepped into the online world. With providing a motivating message of natural wellness through our social media channels, our addition of Online Health Coaching to our services, we are fortunate to enjoy an ever growing bnatural community all over the world.

To be honest, we are not sure of our future. We are excited for opportunities which present to us. What we do know is we will always keep to our mission to help people connect to better health and more happiness.