Fighting Fit

High Intensity Interval Training is proven to be the best way to get fit, strong, burning fat and in-shape quickly. And boxing is one of the best ways to enjoy the results this style of training provides.

Not only will our Fighting Fit program allow you to get in the best shape of your life there’s an intangible mental health benefit only this fight inspired fitness provides. Whether it taps into our innate survival program or that it provides an immediate outlet for the stress of modern day living, hitting something feels good!

Why our Fighting Fit program is for you…

  • our Coaches are specifically trained and make the skills easy to learn and simple to follow
  • Fighting Fit provides high intensity exercise at its best while being low impact and kind on your joints
  • it’s a super efficient program so is great for those who are time poor
  • enjoyed by all age groups, young and old
  • and of course, it’s fun!

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What to expect at a Fighting Fit session

If you like to box, if you like to kick and if you like being outdoors then you’re going to love our Fighting Fit program. But our sessions include more than punching and kicking, we scratch too. Kidding! At bnatural we have developed a set of Core Fitness Principles all our fitness programs, including Fighting Fit are underpinned by:

bnatural Core Fitness Principles

  • FAST – When you move fast your brain literally believes you are being chased by something big and scary! Obviously it doesn’t want you to be caught by this big, scary thing so it liberates a bunch of energy (burns fat) very quickly. In our programs we use this Palaeolithic neural wiring to our advantage, and have created exercises designed to burn fat fast. Don’t worry there is nothing big and scary chasing you; well not all the time anyway 🙂
  • STRONG – Strength gives you the confidence to get more out of life. We aren’t talking about Olympic power lifter strong. We mean “lifting your kid easily” strong, “catching a wave” strong, “gardening all day” strong, or even “I look great in this outfit” strong. Whatever your motivation, creating a strong body will be one of your greatest assets.
  • FUN – We know how much better you work when you’re happy, so we strive to make a session with bnatural a fun and engaging time. We still get the job done, but we make sure you have a good time doing it!
  • BENDY – Being able to tie your shoelaces by yourself when you’re 5 and 50 is a big deal but for entirely different reasons. Long, loose muscles allow you move more easily. We feel that flexibility is the most under-rated of physical abilities, yet probably the one which can bring you the most benefits. Every session you do with bnatural you will get closer to bringing back your “bendy inner child”.
  • REST – It is when you rest that you realise the results of your training. It is when you are NOT training, that the benefits of training are gained. So it’s not about doing more, more, more – that approach to fitness ends in tears or worse; sickness and injury. At bnatural we fully appreciate and acknowledge the importance of recovery. A vital part of a bnatural session is the cool down where we actively promote and teach you the practice of rest, recovery and healing.

So while you can expect to be punching a plenty at Fighting Fit, you’ll also enjoy the variety of our Strength Work, our yoga-inspired Cool Down and of course some laughs (hopefully).

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Important things you need to know

Fighting Fit Program Structure

Our Fighting Fit program is held once per week. Most typically a client takes out a 10 session pass for this program. We provide you with everything (nearly) you need. We have boxing gloves and we’ll give you a set of “boxing inners” to keep so no need to share sweaty gloves!.
All sessions run for 60 minutes; we start on time, we finish on time!

When we train

Saturday Morning
Saturday 8:30 AM

Where we train

We meet and train in the beautiful Brougham Gardens, North Adelaide. (toilets are available).

What you may need to bring with you

Not a lot besides your best effort 🙂
We will provide you with a comfy training mat but you may like to bring the following…

  • a towel,
  • a hat / sunscreen, and
  • a drink.

Ready to get Fighting Fit?

We provide 2 payment options to allow you to get in the best shape of your life.

Casual Membership

This membership provides flexibility with when, and how often, you decide to train with us. No conditions and no expiry date.

10 Session Pass – $230 plus GST

Buy now - 10 Session Pass

20 Session Pass – $400 plus GST

Buy now - 20 Session Pass

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