Our Kids Boot Camp is suitable for all children regardless of their natural sporting ability, and groups are kept small so that all children are made to feel welcome and important.

Our Kids Boot Camp is a group fitness training program for children that will…

  • improve your child’s physical strength and fitness,
  • help control their level of body fat and build stronger muscles and bones,
  • improve their confidence and self esteem,
  • teach them self defence skills,
  • improve their co-ordination and flexibility, and
  • provide stress relief – for you and your child.

All these benefits are provided at Kids Boot Camp in a safe, non-competitive, non-threatening and enjoyable outdoor environment. In addition, it will teach your child to care for their body from an early age, and the importance of doing so.

Skills covered will include

  • aerobic exercise
  • strength work and conditioning
  • flexibility and co-ordination
  • pilates and core strength exercise
  • basic self defence

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Our Kids Boot Camp is currently being redeveloped, but will be available again very soon. You can register your interest using this form, and we will send you an email when we are back up and running!

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