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At bnatural a Massage is a unique combination of Sports, Remedial and Therapeutic technique tailored specifically to help you. So for the best massage in Adelaide, book an appointment with Brian today.

Why you need a massage today…

  • It will ease stress, loosen your muscles and you’ll move better.
  • You will sleep better, think clearer and have more energy.
  • Stronger immunity, better circulation and a brighter mood are proven benefits of a decent massage.
  • Massage is a mainstay to faster recovery and better performance for any athlete.
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Our Masseur

Brian Killian

Not many masseurs in Adelaide have been “on the tools” as long as Brian Killian.
For over 30 years, Brian has been using his skill in massage to help his clients be healthier human beings. World class athletes and musicians, footballers, tennis players, weekend warriors, business people, firefighters, teachers, triathletes, pregnant mums, dads, the more mature right through to the very young; Brian has enjoyed helping them all.

Massage Fee Schedule

Health insurance rebates available: please check with your insurance provider for details of your cover. Brian is a registered WorkCover remedial therapist.

30 minutes

  • 30 minutes
  • Health insurance rebate available

60 minutes

  • 60 minutes
  • Health insurance rebate available

Gift Certificate

  • 60 Minutes
  • Valid for 12 Months

Happy Customers

“Best hands in the business”

I work in mines driving trucks underground for 12 hours straight, every day for 2 weeks. By the end my back and neck are shot. Nobody can fix me like Brian can. Best hands in the business!

Ashley, Truck Driver
“I highly recommend Brian”

Brian has been my body’s saviour. His ability to locate the source of my problems and relieve them has been nothing short of extraordinary. His experience and skill is evident as soon as he begins his treatment. A true professional and gentleman, I can’t recommend Brian highly enough.

Margot, TV Producer
“Hurt a bit but was worth it”

I’d been everywhere and no-one could fix my neck. I had lived with neck pain for over 15 years. Brian didn’t give me any false hope saying he’d do his best. He did and it worked. Hurt a bit to start but it was well worth it.

Ian, Farmer

The Benefits of Massage

A bnatural massage from a qualified and experienced massage therapist can provide benefits for many specific health conditions including…

Back, neck and joint pain
Sport and muscle injuries including strains, sprains and tendonitis
Headaches and migraines
Insomnia and stress
Chronic fatigue
Arthritis and bursitis
Mental illness including depression and anxiety
Fibromyalgia and chronic pain
All stages of Cancer

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So if you are looking for the best massage in Adelaide, please contact Brian today, or conveniently book your session online.
Please note that all massage treatment is provided at our clinic located at 58 Brougham Place, North Adelaide.

0417 882 374