I’ve noticed stimulus for change can come when you least expect it and in unexpected ways. My client, Carmel, wrote this post on how a Woody Allen movie sparked her into transforming her life.

Some time ago I watched an early Woody Allen film All you ever wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask  that although having little to do with health, contained a very funny scene that has completely transformed my well-being.

The scene is a guy out to dinner with his girlfriend. While he was eating fettuccine and drinking red wine, the camera takes us (the audience) into his stomach – which is like a factory where a band of ‘workers’, dressed in white overalls, armed with buckets and mops are cleaning up ‘the mess’ of the food and drink that was coming down ‘the chute’ into his stomach.

This scene is hilarious and had an incredible impact on me. Instantly it raised my consciousness for internal visualisation and mindful eating. That image of how the food I was eating was being processed by my body made me think about the negative and damaging impact that through my food choices I was having on my own body. Suddenly I could ‘see’ the impact of my food choices and the harm they were having. What a wake-up call!

I started to question my food choices…

  • Was I was eating the right amount of food?
  • Was it the right type for me? Is meat really right for me?
  • Does my food provide goodness, nourishment or am I just eating for taste or other reasons? (This was an interesting one, as I found often I ate when not even hungry.)
  • Am I harming myself through my food and causing my own ‘workers’ in my ‘factory’ the distress Woody Allen illustrated so well in the film.

It was time for a change

Everything changed for me after this movie and I decided to initiate significant changes to my life, in particular, what I put into my mouth.

  • Mindful eating became my mantra as I listened and observed how food made me feel
  • I started to make changes to the type of foods and the amount of food  I ate at each meal – particularly reducing my meal sizes and increasing the quality of my food
  • I dramatically reduced my meat intake and felt lighter for it
  • I started eating a more plant-based diet and whole food diet – organic where possible
  • I started juicing vegetables, such as beetroot, carrots and celery each day – to start the cleansing process, boost my immune system and give my liver a treat.

I have learned so much

The result of this process of mindful eating, eating real food and listening to my body has been really positive for me.

    • I have tremendously more energy for the things I love doing. I love to travel!
    • I have changed my shape with less body fat and more muscle
    • I’m stronger physically, mentally and emotionally than ever before
    • I rarely get sick and if I do my recovery is swift
    • I am calmer
    • And I am happier!

I love my skin

As a child, my teenage life and even to my adult life I suffered from Psoriasis.  As you can imagine for a young girl dealing with this was a traumatic, emotionally painful time to say the least. Medications, invasive therapies all to no avail as this chronic condition ever simmered. Often I’ve heard skin is a reflection of your inner health and I most certainly understand this now to be true. Since undergoing my inside-out approach to healing the most notable and apparent change is my skin. It positively glows! I am slightly embarrassed to say nearly everyday someone will compliment me on the condition of my skin.

And I have the talented, eccentric moviemaker Woody Allen to thank. 🙂

Sorry about the video quality above; it was the best I could find!