Personal Training

  • Need help to get fit, lose weight and tone up?
  • Wanting to work with an experienced fitness professional?
  • Enjoy result focused exercise, based on proven principles?
  • Sometimes need a push to get started, or keep going?

If this is you, you’re in the right place.

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What to expect from bnatural Personal Training

We are actually Fitness Coaches, not just Personal Trainers and there is a difference…

Do you know what “wa, wa” is? It’s the white noise so often heard from Personal Trainers. We are sure they have the best of intentions, but the “Push! Push! Push!” and the “Don’t you stop!” approach to encouragement leaves us cold.

Our approach is different and proven to be more effective. While we absolutely want you to reach your full potential, we want you to drive it; we want the improvement to come from you. So our priority is to empower you, to encourage you to take responsibility for your own health, and educate you to hold yourself to a higher standard. Throughout this process we are there to motivate you beyond what you think you could normally accomplish, to keep you safe, and make sure your training is fresh and fun.

Variety is king

We pride ourselves on providing cutting edge fitness with an emphasis of variety – the last thing we want is for you to be bored! You can expect a combination of the following disciplines…

  • high intensity training
  • strength conditioning
  • martial arts / self defence styled fitness
  • yoga inspired flexibility

Everyone is welcome at bnatural

A bnatural Personal Training session is safe and suitable for all ages, from kids to the more mature. Ensuring our clients feel welcome, important and safe is our number one priority, so we work hard to create a friendly environment of acceptance and support. Tall, small, fat, thin, quiet, loud, black, white – any shape, size, sex, colour – if you want to train it will be our pleasure to help you.

We understand that everyone has a first time!

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Principle based training

We have developed a set of Core Fitness Principles that all our programs adhere to. We are proud of the fact we are “old school” in that these principles have been proven by time; we know what works and what is fad.

bnatural Core Fitness Principles

  • FAST – When you move fast your brain literally believes you are being chased by something big and scary! Obviously it doesn’t want you to be caught and by this big, scary thing so it liberates a bunch of energy (burns fat) very quickly. In our programs we use this Palaeolithic neural wiring to our advantage, and have created exercises designed to burn fat fast. Don’t worry there is nothing big and scary chasing you; well not all the time anyway 🙂
  • STRONG – Strength gives you the confidence to get more out of life. We aren’t talking about Olympic power lifter strong. We mean “lifting your kid easily” strong, “catching a wave” strong, “gardening all day” strong, or even “I look great in this outfit” strong. Whatever your motivation, creating a strong body will be one of your greatest assets.
  • FUN – We know how much better you work when you’re happy, so we strive to make a session with bnatural a fun and engaging time. We still get the job done, but we make sure you have a good time doing it!
  • BENDY – Being able to tie your shoelaces by yourself when you’re 5 and 50 is a big deal but for entirely different reasons. Long, loose muscles allow you move more easily. We feel that flexibility is the most under-rated of physical abilities, yet probably the one which can bring you the most benefits. Every session you do with bnatural you will get closer to bringing back your “bendy inner child”.
  • REST – It is when you rest that you realise the results of your training. It is when you are NOT training, that the benefits of training are gained. So it’s not about doing more, more, more – that approach to fitness ends in tears or worse; sickness and injury. At bnatural we fully appreciate and acknowledge the importance of recovery. A vital part of a bnatural session is the cool down where we actively promote and teach you the practice of rest, recovery and healing.

Our Fitness Coaches

Back in 1999 before anyone had heard of a Personal Training, our founder Brian Killian was out in the park or on the beach (tough job!) helping people achieve their fitness goals. He’s still out there, but now bnatural has grown to include a small and dedicated team of Fitness Coaches.

bnatural Fitness Coaches are expertly qualified in all aspects of fitness and nutrition, and have years of experience keeping themselves, and their clients fit and healthy.

We are experts, and you won’t find more dedicated coaches.

Brian Killian
Senior Fitness Coach
Chris Burckhardt
Senior Fitness Coach
Leon Burckhardt
Fitness Manager
Kieran Killian
Senior Fitness Coach

To be a bnatural Fitness Coach, you don’t need to be an extraordinary athlete, or a disciple of exemplary nutritional practice. But you do need to be a people person, a teacher, a motivator, and someone with empathy that enjoys helping others. Add that to being a fully qualified Personal Trainer, experienced in life and your profession, and having a good dose “of not taking life too seriously” you have one of our Fitness Coaches.

At bnatural we pride ourselves on our customer service, and our Coaches are committed to delivering high quality Personal Training programs suitable for everybody, including you.

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Important things you need to know

Personal Training Structure

All our sessions run for 60 minutes; we start on time, we finish on time!

Can I bring a friend?

Sure, our definition of a Personal Training session is from 1 to 3 people. So if you have a one or a couple of friends, family or work colleagues keen to train, split the cost and get fit together.

Where we train

That is up to you. Our main training location is Brougham Gardens in North Adelaide, but we are happy to come to you if that is more convenient. If you would prefer to train at your home, or at a site closer to your work, then we can work out the logistics.

What you may need to bring with you

Not a lot besides your best effort 🙂
We will provide you with a comfy training mat but you may like to bring the following…

  • a towel,
  • a hat / sunscreen, and
  • a drink.

What does Personal Training cost?

Personal Training Fee Schedule

Single Session
$60 plus GST

Buy now - Single Session

10 Session Pass
$599 plus GST

Buy now - 10 Session Pass

20 Session Pass
$1049 plus GST

Buy now - 20 Session Pass

Like some more info…

No problems, we’d love to help! Please register your interest here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Or if you prefer you can just give our Fitness Manager Leon a call on 0422 924 801 today.

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