Jon Gabriel lost over 103 kilos without dieting or surgery and his body shows almost no sign of ever having been morbidly obese.

Why diets do not work

“Your body wants to be fat anytime it decides that being fat is the best way to keep you safe.” – Jon Gabriel

You are not weak or lazy. Being fat has nothing to do with willpower.  Your ability to lose body fat or not hinges on one physiological fact seemingly ignored by medical professionals and the majority of weight loss, fitness and health professionals.

Fact: The amount of body fat a person has is directly controlled by your unconscious brain. This is the very same section of your brain responsible for controlling your heart rate and your breathing.

Ever tried holding your breath? It’s possible but eventually, you’ll breathe because your unconscious brain has the control. The unconscious brain main priority is to keep you alive and it will do everything it can to keep you safe. You may have immensely strong willpower but if your brain wants you to breathe, you’ll breathe.

Dieting is like holding your breath.

When calories and other essential nutrients are restricted a clear and powerful message is received by your brain; “there’s not enough food! We are going to die!” It’s a life or death safety issue

From your body’s perspective, when you diet you’re starving. Your brain will not allow this perilous circumstance to continue. It becomes a question of survival; either eat or die.

A Harvard University study showed 90% of diets fail,  with this rebound effect explaining why most people put all their weight and more back on after a period of restrictive dieting.

However, as Jon showed through his experience (as subsequently by thousands of others who have followed The Gabriel Method) this ‘rebound effect’ is a hard-wired survival response controlled solely by your brain.

Jon named this powerful unconscious response the FAT Program and it is working every day to keep you safe.

So what is the answer to permanent weight loss?

Obesity is epidemic and will continue to become an ever-increasing health, social and economic problem. However, if dieting doesn’t work, and the entire ‘calories in versus calories out’ paradigm for weight loss is scientifically and physiologically flawed then what is the answer.

Work with, not against your body.

Firstly, stop dieting! Allow yourself to say ‘never again’ and free yourself from the proverbial ‘holding your breath’ of dieting and start working with your body not against it.

Find out what are your FAT Triggers.

Jon has developed a series of the most common triggers for a person’s FAT Program. Chronic Dieting is one of them, but some of the others may surprise you. Lifestyle Stress, Past Trauma, along with Poor Digestion and Lack of Sleep all can contribute to your FAT Program being turned on, and you struggling to live the life you deserve.

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