Tamara is a qualified, professionally registered Naturopath at bnatural.

Tamara’s compassion for helping others, her own story of recovery, a love of natural and ancient remedies, and her passion for making ‘food is medicine’ easy and delicious, makes Tamara the outstanding Naturopath her clients love.

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Hi I’m Tamara Killian

I am a motivated naturopath with the strong belief Naturopathy being used alongside conventional medicine optimises health care to facilitate overall wellbeing and vitality. I have a special interest in women’s hormonal health. However, I have seen a variety of conditions in the clinic including, but not limited to, gut health, skin health and immune conditions.

Overcoming my own personal hormonal health through Naturopathic medicine gives me a strong desire to educate and empower other women. My healing journey began coming off The Pill where my body struggled to regulate a normal hormonal cycle after having been shut off for years whilst on the pill. At this time I was discovering the beauty of natural medicine that was Naturopathy and the use of Western Herbal medicine. Using nutrition through conscious diet changes, and beautiful nurturing Herbal Medicine, my body was able to heal and regulate itself. I learnt PMS is not normal, it is common, and that is different.

This experience motivated me to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy as I discovered the absolute miracle the human body and its working is, and now I want to share and guide healing with the knowledge.

I have a strong passion for Western Herbal medicine, I believe it adds a dynamic into my treatments of personalised herbal prescriptions, individualised for each client. The power, yet gentleness of herbal medicine to assist the body’s innate healing capacity has captured my heart and ignited a passion for continuous learning and care into individualised herbal medicine for each of my patients. I utilise diet and lifestyle shifts in my treatment plans as this optimises long term wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.

What to expect in a Naturopathic consult

First consultations are focused on understanding you and gathering comprehensive information of your past and present health. This enables me as a Naturopath to view your whole being and identify the root cause of your presenting symptoms. Discussion of your health goals and begin strategies on how to achieve them. Dietary and Lifestyle analysis. Individualised treatment plan, possibly but not always herbal tonic prescription.

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Proud member of ANTA ~ Australian Natural Therapies Association
  • Registered with;

    CMPAC ~ Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council 

    ANRANT ~ Australian National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists

About me, Tamara

My passion for health and wellbeing runs deep keeping a healthy lifestyle and loving all sports and fitness. I devote a lot of my week to Premier League netball, playing for Metro Jets Netball club. Training four times a week with weekly games is a huge part of who I am and where I spend a lot of my energy. Whilst studying Naturopathy I used the nutrition knowledge to open my own Raw Vegan Dessert business. I love creating in the kitchen and finding new ways to make healthy food delicious and enjoyable. I am a firm believer of consciously eating real foods and discovering how this can be done cheaply and time effectively. I’ve learnt when  you create a healthy mental relationship with food, eating a healthy and balanced variety of foods, it becomes enjoyable and creates habits to enable a healthy lifestyle.

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Please note that all naturopathic treatment is provided at our clinic located at 58 Brougham Place, North Adelaide.

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