Do you start your day full of good intention? Somehow by lunchtime, all is gone out the window! This was me and from what I’ve heard from my clients I’m not the only one. I changed and you can too. Learn The Doorway Technique and completely change your direction, your focus and your results, one doorway at a time.

First Step

Remember when you’ve felt at your best, or even felt pretty good, physically.
Maybe you’ve just done a great gym session or had an awesome massage or even a really good nights sleep. Often a friend or someone from your family, even a stranger will do, has commented you’re looking good. Gives you a lift.

Normally when you feel like that, we tend to hold our body in a particular way. We adopt a certain posture which replicates how we feel inside (the opposite is also true for this).

Here’s how I’d describe the most likely posture of someone who is “in the flow”:

  • shoulders are back
  • the head is up, slightly
  • the chest is proud. Not sticking out like a pigeon but up
  • breathing is slow and easy
  • eyes are bright and aware
  • you may have a smile or not, but your face is relaxed. You present calm looking, pleasant not frowning or with a scowl
  • your movement is relaxed, not slow or overly fast but with purpose and confidence
  • you ‘hold yourself’ upright not slouched over

Replicate it

Can you relate to the posture I described above?

It is this posture or stance we want to replicate each time we walk through the door, any door, every door. By doing this physical repositioning of yourself you send a clear message to your brain relevant to that posture.

Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy explained the physiology of this body to mind connection in this post Power Pose – quickly learn this technique for a powerful mind.  

Literally, your brain notices your posture and goes about creating hormones to reflect it. It is a little of the chicken or the egg scenario. What comes first, and what does it matter? You get the benefits of feeling strong, confident, at ease, peaceful, positive and your brain pumps out the hormones to create.

How to do it

Here’s how. As you approach a door, or after/during moving through one:

1. pull your shoulders back
2. lift your chest up
3. feel the small of your lower back become more pronounced
4. tighten your abdominal muscles…pull your navel in and up towards your spine
5. Lift your chin, a little (too much and you look weird 😉
6. Pull in a deep breathe and breathe out easily (you may want to do this a couple of times)
7. Consciously check your posture and connect to this new better version of you

Walk on through.  You’re back to your best.

Obviously, this whole process can be quick and with time you will do it subconsciously and automatically.
I love it and use it often as do many of my coaching clients. Whatever their daily and life intention is, to consistently and reconnect with it,  allow their actions to head them towards their ultimate destination and source.
The Doorway Technique reminds you of your best.