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jon-gabriel-skinnyman-big-pantsThe Gabriel Method is the revolutionary DIET-FREE way to lose weight. Jon Gabriel lost over 103 kilos without dieting or surgery and his body shows almost no sign of ever having been morbidly obese. How did Jon do it? It’s EASY and you can do it too!

Chronic weight gain is often caused by physical, emotional, or environment triggers that are confusing your body on a biological level.The Gabriel Method is a holistic approach to weight loss that can turn off your FAT programs and transform your body & life forever. Ground-breaking and well-grounded in physiology, Jon’s work is a blessing for those who have struggled tirelessly with a weight problem.

As Jon’s first coach of the Gabriel Method I have seen it grow from a book to a world-wide movement. I have dedicated my professional life to the teaching of what I consider the most influential practice of living that will not only result in weight loss but can transform your life to a whole new level.

Get the 1st Chapter of The Gabriel Method FREE

First Chapter Free - Gabriel Method Book and CDIf you’re new to The Gabriel Method, the best place to start is by reading Jon’s book. You can download the 1st chapter for free. As a bonus, you’ll also get the 1st chapter of Jon’s video book as well.

Totally unique and groundbreaking The Gabriel Method is backed by solid, cutting-edge obesity research and over four years of full-time investigation into the roles of biochemistry, neurobiology and human consciousness.

Here’s what people are saying about The Gabriel Method…

“The most comprehensive and scientifically meaningful method I’ve ever encountered.”
Dr Jean Bokelman M.D – Director of Endobiogenic Intergrative Medical Centre

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Gabriel Method Fitness

Gabriel Method Fitness DVDOne of my roles within The Gabriel Method is as the Fitness Coach – Coach Brian. Jon and I have put together this really fun and effective program based on the principles of The Gabriel Method.

No long boring workouts here, only Work-Ins (that’s what we call workouts at GM) that meet our GM Fitness Principles; Short, Intense, Playful, Bendy and Rest.

The Gabriel Fitness program consists of…

  • 12 varied do at home video classes,
  • visualisations for fitness,
  • recipes and more.

Movement designed specifically to activate your Get Thin/Get Eaten stress response which makes your body want to be slim. Turn off your FAT Program with our GM Work-Ins and and discover how fun and enjoyable movement can be.

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The Gabriel Method Support Group

Gabriel Method Support GroupTo learn, connect and get support in your transformation, the Gabriel Method Support Group offers all that and so much more.

I’d like to offer you a special opportunity for a 30 day FREE TRIAL of The Gabriel Method Support Group and receive a FREE GIFT: Start Your Transformation 4-Disk DVD Set! (Normal Price: $147, Your Price: FREE + S&H )

An amazing resource where you receive…

  • direct access to Jon,
  • full access to live classes and call-in days,
  • 24/7 access to Support Forum,
  • complete visualisation library,
  • recipes,
  • video blogs,
  • expert classes and more.
Start Your Transformation

The Gabriel Method Recipe Book

Gabriel Method CookbookQuick and easy “Gabrielicious” recipes the entire family will enjoy. These recipes will give you high energy during the day and help you burn fat while you sleep.

The Gabriel Method is not about restrictive dieting, we know, like you that it doesn’t work. A Harvard research study showed 90% of people who diet fail, and actually gain weight.

We encourage you to nourish your body through eating foods your body understands. We encourage you to see food as an opportunity to promote your health, not something to restrict or deny yourself of. Food can be your greatest asset in losing weight, and we’ll show you how tasty and easy it can be done.

You’ll be amazed at how rich and flavourful eating The Gabriel Method way can be.

Download your FREE recipes

The Ultimate Coaching Experience: 1 on 1 Help From Jon & His Team

Gabriel Method Jon GabrielJon Gabriel has a private, intensive coaching program where you can work directly with Jon and his hand-picked team of experts, including myself, to make a massive transformation in your body and life.

This is Jon’s most-exclusive, most-intensive transformation program ever.

From day one, you’ll find yourself completely absorbed in a new way of thinking and living. You’ll be propelled into a positive spiral of health, weight loss, and complete mental and emotional rejuvenation.

The Ultimate Coaching Experience is designed specifically to help solve your weight problem at its core, treating the source (not the symptoms) so you can re-balance your body hormonally and emotionally, once and for all.

With your mind-body balance restored, weight loss becomes natural and enjoyable.

The Ultimate Coaching Experience

  • is not a diet,
  • is not an exercise program,
  • does not involve pills or surgery, and
  • is not about behavior modification, will power, guilt or restriction.

Jon and his team understand what you’re going through right now, and after working with so many clients, they know know exactly what you need to be successful.

  • Direct access (1 on 1) to a Gabriel Method Coach Mentor
  • Regular and Ongoing Access to Jon Gabriel via Private Phone Number
  • Direct access to Jon specialist team via private tele-consultations

So if you’re ready, and looking to start your personalised transformational journey today, the Ultimate Coaching Experience is right for you. More the details here.

Ready for a change…

Yoga for Weight Loss

Gabriel Method Yoga for Weight LossYoga instructor Katrina Love Senn has created the program, Yoga for Weight Loss from her own experiences.

Katrina used Yoga to shed 30 kilograms and heal herself of conditions her doctors told her there was no cure for; chronic asthma, severe hypothyroidism and chronic fatigue. She is a world class Yoga instructor and the movements she takes you through are easy and fun, and suitable for even those who have never done Yoga before, like me!

This mind-body approach to fitness is completely different to the calorie-counting, bootcamp-style exercise programs you might have tried in the past.

You can get immediate access to this comprehensive, at-home practice program. It’s suitable for anyone looking to lose weight naturally, enjoyably and forever!

Check out Yoga for Weightloss

Weight Loss Visualization MP3 Player

gabriel-method-mp3-libraryOwn the entire Gabriel Method Visualization Library on your own, pre-loaded MP3 Player!
Get the Complete Gabriel Method Library including…

  • Evening Visualization
  • Morning Visualization
  • Living Warrior
  • Living Goddess
  • Genetically Thin
  • Afternoon Recharge
  • Abundant Life
  • Balance Blood Sugar
  • Pre-Exercise Visualization
  • Safe, Strong, Protected
  • Healing Diabetes
  • Total Digestion
Weight Loss Visualization MP3 Player

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Everything at The Gabriel Method is backed by our iron-clad, 365-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how it works. If for any reason (or no reason at all), you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it for a full and prompt refund. No fine print. No hassles.

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