Project Description

FREE 30 Day Support Group Membership

The Gabriel Method Support Group provides personal support, cutting-edge research, and thousands of dollars of on-going education and support materials. Connect and be supported through your journey with group coaching from Jon and his team of expert coaches. Try for FREE and have instant access to over $5k of weight loss resources:

  • Monthly Ask Jon Sessions (Priceless – Ask Jon anything)
  • Regular Group Coaching with Gabriel Method Experts: ($1200 value)
  • 50 plus Guided Visualisations: ($300 value)
  • Jon’s twice monthly Video Blog: ($250 value)
  • Expert Guest Classes ($300 value)
  • Master Classes ($400 value)
  • Recipes ($1,200 value)
  • Fitness Videos ($600 value)

” With The Gabriel Method I feel fantastic, the fear of gaining, the weight back is gone.” – Zelda

“When I addressed the issues that made my body want to hold onto weight, I began shedding weight.” – Sharon