Project Description

Gabriel Method Fitness 

Energise your body & burn fat with fun & playful exercises you can do anywhere.  20 minutes, 2-3 times per week, for more benefits than old fashioned, long and boring gym-style workouts. Short, intense exercise wins for weight loss (according to research). START NOW with 27 unique fat burning workouts to create. You’ll receive;

  • “Get Thin or Get Eaten”, Resistance Training  and Cool Down videos, with
    Bonus Content:
  • Visualisations for Fitness
  • Pre- and Post- Workout Recipes
  • No More Cardio! Webinar
  • Round Table Discussion on Gabriel Method Fitness

“I lost 51 Kilos in about six months” – Amanda Pearson

“I have never felt this happy in my life before” – Helen Duigge