Project Description

Tapping for Weight Loss

Lose weight & melt stress away with this simple “Tapping” technique
Join Experts Carol Look & Jon Gabriel as they reveal and teach you the power of Tapping. The perfect skill to learn and use for managing and relieving stress, on the go! You’ll receive

  • Tapping for Weight Loss  (complete film)
  • Advanced Techniques tuition
  • Case Study: Meet David (incredible success story)  with Free Bonus:
  • Expert Tapping Sessions
  • Instant Access to 11 Master Class Tapping Sessions

 Tapping has helped:

  • Highly-stressed employees
  • Busy mums
  • Emotionally abusive relationships
  • Parents/spouses who have lost a child or partner
  • War veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
  • Children struggling to overcome the pain of a parent’s divorce

“Thanks for the amazing gift … It has been transformational.” – David

“I feel free for the first time in years and years. Thank you so much.” – Moira

“Tapping is a simple tool that offers dramatic result.” – Leslie